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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It was Cookie Day again at Bethany's house! I wasn't able to go last year (thanks to Mother Nature crapping about 7 feet of snow on Spokane), so was super excited to be there this year for a MARATHON baking sesh with my fave girls Bethany and Michele!

7+ hours later, we had dozens and dozens of yummy cookies... And i was exhausted! But not quite as tired as newly-preggers Bethany! :)

Here are the girls looking gorgeous, and also some pics of a few of the many cookies we made (i believe we ended up with approx 12 kinds of cookies/bars that i can think of off the top of my head), and the adorable apron Bethany got me for xmas (SO CUTE):


Pia said...

Love the apron, and your cookie spread was bananas. Good work ladies!

Lis said...

That is a LOT of cookies. I am impressed. I think I would have given up after batch numero uno.

Laurie said...

they were delish too. Only the nasty ones are left (aka Gingerbread men).