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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 2 Report

We picked Cara up from the airport on Friday (where she had barely survived her flight, but took it like a champ)! After a yummy breakfast stop at Jerry's Deli, we took a side-trip to the Rack for some sandals/warm-weather gear. After a quick nap back at the tiny apartment, we went over to the Grove (big outdoor shopping mall/farmer's market) where we spotted D-List "celeb" number 2 - Kevin from the Backstreet Boys... And I got to introduce the gals to Pinkberry (which they scoffed at, but seemed to enjoy)! After that, it was off to the Dodgers game, and a HUGE thank-you goes to Stuart for getting us super-sweet seats about 10 rows off of the field!


Meg said...

WOW! Lucky ducks.