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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This guy.

I've been busy lately, but nothing worth blogging it doesn't feel like... All my buds are now heading out to Camp for the summer!

BUT, did get to go see Brett Dennen play at the knitting factory last weekend with Pia and Matty.

I LOVE Brett. I took no pics. But here he is playing on Jimmy Kimmel... (Yes he's kind of a dork, but he's a GINGER! Yay!)


Laurie said...

blog anyway, that's what I do :-) And do you call this guy "Ginga Ninja"? Just wondering

Katie said...

ha! i LOVED the Ginga Ninja (we NEVER watch wipeout, just happened to turn it there for like 20 secs last night and saw that...) :D

Meg said...

He played at the knitting factory? Please tell me that is cooler than it sounds.