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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knitting fool!

This year has been a low-budget Christmas.
Which means a bunch of people got hand-knit gifts from me!

Yes, people, it's true...
I've been knitting like crazy! I finished 5 projects for Christmas, plus an additional hat I made for myself just the other day!

We'll see how long it lasts... ;)

Project #1 (and what started the craze): Lavvies' Christmas Stocking
Our mom (world's best knitter) has never had a stocking made for her! Preposterous!
This stocking came from this cute free pattern...
I love how it turned out (although it's a bit smaller than the other stockings we have hanging)

Project #2: Lucy's Stocking
I had to make this one up, because there really aren't many cute (free) dog stocking patterns.
Weird. Apparently not all people knit for their dogs?
I think it turned out okay... It's kind of a weird shape, cuz I wanted it to be on the small side, but miss Lulu was pleased.

This is her enjoying (read, devouring) her spoils: A few treats, a Christmas Joan (!) and some squeaky tennis balls. All in all, a pretty good haul from Santa.

Project #3, 4, and 5: This adorable hat:
I got this pattern because I needed another project when I was at the retreat in Asheville and had some spare yarn...
It turned out so cute (and super easy/quick) that I made 3 of them! They went to Bethany, Michele and my grandma Glo for xmas.
Bethany is supposedly emailing me the pics of the finished hats, but so far hasn't had time... So I'll post if I ever get them! :)

Project #6: cute cable hat:
This is my first cabling project! It is knit with some gorgeous malabrigo yarn mom had, and I love the green-gray color
here is the top

And my beautiful model...
It's a super cute slouchy beret-type hat.
Love it, wore it today. :)


Cara said...

everything looks like it turned out soooo cute. fyi...i could use a new hat too.

Laurie said...

haha your model is fug but the hat is adorbs. And I am OVER THE MOON that you girls knits stuff for me! I love my stocking and my hat!

PS you need to write your pattern down for the doggy stocking. There's evidently a market for the dog sock...

Katie said...

Car - what color/style would you like? :)

Meg said... rock. LIke seriously.