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Monday, August 17, 2009

i'm back

I just got home from a long week at Camp Cross where I was volunteering as a counselor for the Senior High camp - and I must say that it was honestly one of the best weeks I've ever had there (although frustrating and tiring as well)! It was so much fun being a counselor, something I haven't done in probably 5 years... As a Permie (aka permanent staff) like I had been the prior 2 years, there really isn't much time for getting to know the kids one-on-one - you are just way too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off, setting up events and making sure kids aren't sneaking off to make babies or something. Being a counselor means I was able to really connect with my group - 7 outstandingly open, diverse, welcoming, challenging high schoolers - and it was so great. These kids are so awesome. They love eachother no matter their differences - gay, straight, athletic, nerdy, spiritual, atheist, sarcastic, funny, boring - it really doesn't matter to them. I must say, Camp Cross is one of the few places in my life where I have seen this phenomena of true community happen year in and year out, and is one of the main reasons I make it a point to keep returning.
It was exhausting (of course I am sick now and fighting off a yucky cold), frustrating (turns out, it's not easy to go from being a staff member with power to a lowly counselor full of good ideas that no one wants to hear about LOL), fun, challenging, fulfilling, emotional, hilarious, etc etc. If only we could have had that wonderful weather all week that we are sure to get now that we are home!

Pia, me and Ken jump in the lake (this is the infamous "sloth" pose if you were wondering)

My awesome group - the Dropkick Me Jesus'

the counselors being forced to do the "gallon challenge" - ugh
AJ, Ellen (yes, that is little Ellen Adams all grown up and 22 years old!) and I toast with some milk... none of us got anywhere near finishing our gallons, but we also didn't vomit. so win-win i say.


Cara said...

glad to hear you had a great time!

Laurie said...

wow Ellen IS all grown up! Looks like fun (except for the milk thing)

Katie said...

wow, i didn't actually think you read my blog anymore Car! ;) how's the new jobby-job?

Pia said...

A complete win really. You three were the smartest. I loved having you out there this week. Thanks for helping my sanity!