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Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Blahs...

Is anyone still out there???  (crickets...)
Not much new to post around here... I've got a serious case of the winter blahs!

The snow keeps coming. I want Spring here! 

We've all been doing LOTS of knitting (and babysitting) around here.  I just finished the above hat/mittens for Colie girl (who is getting WAY too big! And still the sweetest, easiest baby ever!)  I'm currently working on a cute Celtic-design bag, and finally bit the bullet on some Madelinetosh yarn for sweater #2 (just waiting for one back-ordered color... and the motivation... to start)!

Lucy and Walt have been getting along like gangbusters! (mostly.)

I started a new (2nd) job today... per diem at Sacred Heart on the Oncology floor. Not exciting, but will be nice to get some extra $$ saved up.
It would be nice to buy a house someday!  Plus, trying to rally the troops for a Thanksgiving trip to Maui this year!  :)

That's pretty much it!  We are all hunkered down, eating lots of soup and comfort foods, and spending a small fortune on firewood!


Laurie said...

Miss your blogging, even tho I am sitting right next to you

That hat and mittens set is sooooo cute. And this gal is a fearless knitter folks?,