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Saturday, March 3, 2012

home alone

Lulu and I are spending the weekend with a house to ourselves!

So far, we have slept in (thank you Lucy for your amazing bladder that let me sleep a good 9+ hours!),
read the paper,
then I went to the gym (which is the first time in ages and felt great),
then came home and cleaned the kitchen (including the OVEN which sets off our smoke alarm every time we open the door),
now i'm doing nothing except waiting for the ZAGS to play BYU tonight.

It is wonderful.

Kinda makes me wish I lived alone all the time.

Except I do have 1.5 pretty awesome roomies... so... ;)


Laurie said...

Which one of us iS the .5?

Cara said...

sounds like you and lucy lived it up this weekend!!!!

Pia said...

Answer mom's question carefully lady... :) Glad you had a nice weekend.

Lis said...

A few days alone is heaven if you ask me. HEAVEN.

Meg said...

A weekend alone? I am shaking with excitment. I could quite possibly build a house.