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Friday, February 3, 2012


I have a mild obsession with high heels. Which you know.
Particularly Christian Louboutins. Seriously, if I win the lottery, I'm pretty sure I will blow it all on his shoes.

Remember these bad boys? Those beautiful teal ones on the oddly-white Beyonce?
They were $800.

They have been replaced by my new faves:

This is the Bollywood collection.
I am obsessed with the bottom right ones.
But in this color:
Oh my goodness, I seriously LOVE these shoes.

The only downside? The cost.
Puts those $800 ones to shame.

Currently selling for $2795.
Better start investing in those lottery tickets.
And a lot of walls to lean against.


Laurie said...

oh those shoes are YOU. Aren't you getting a tax refund?

I love Bollywood as you know. So I approve the purchase of these shoes. As long as you get 2 Bollywood lads to hold you up while wearing

Sue said...

just get a red marker and color the underside of some of your heels and bedazzle the hell out of them- plenty good enough

Lis said...

They're gorgeous but I could never rock them. I'd totally eat shit.

Meg said...

How in the hell could you even walk in these? You're nuts Miss Gaga.