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Monday, February 6, 2012

Denver 4-Eva!

Well, it was an exciting few days around here last week.
We had big plans for Austin.
Connecting through Denver. On Friday. When they were expecting 12-16" of snow.

So that didn't work.
But then Cara got an offer to interview on Monday in CO.
So we did some hustlin'.
And ended up converging in Denver on Saturday morning instead.

And this is how it looked:

I have to tell you, I fell in love.
Big time.
I honestly think I could move to Colorado and be a ski bum and be so happy.

Especially if these 3 are involved.
We didn't do a lot. But the scenery was gorgeous, the North Face was a-flyin', the sky was blue and the Rockies were everything they were made out to be.

Denver, I hope you won't be a stranger...
I want to make out with you a little bit.


Laurie said...

agree x 1000. Denver was absolutely someplace I'd move to in a heartbeat. So so pretty! With at least one good yarn store to boot.

Pia said...

God I love you! Lucy and I are happy you're home though.

Meg said...

What a fun little get-a-way. With your favs.