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Friday, January 20, 2012


Lavs and I finally braved the cold, snowy, nasty roads to go to a movie - The Artist!

This was my #1 pick for a Christmas movie, only to be heartbroken when it wasn't playing anywhere in Spokane

Well, a month later, we finally got to see it!

TOTALLY worth the wait.

Lavs and I both agreed it was 100% as good as we had hoped it would be.

It's silent (and there were super annoying whisperers right behind us narrating the whole thing), and it's black and white.
Do NOT let these things deter you.

It was wonderful.

And the real star? Uggie the dog.


Laurie said...

SO loved this movie! The actors are absolutely charming and I'm a sucker for a black & white movie. Go see it!

Meg said...

A silent film? I will try it. But you owe my $7 bucks if I hate it. Or if there are annoying whispers within earshot.

Katie said...

haha fair enough. but you won't hate it (i don't think)

Lis said...

I can't even remember the last movie I went to but I don't think I could deal with the whisperers. I would have pointedly moved.

Meg said...

Lis...I am so that person. I make a big production about 'the move' and make sure they notice. I need to take xanax qd.