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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring em Home v2.0

That's right folks... another election year (hello 2012!) means it's time for an even bigger, better campaign! The "Bring Em Home" campaign to get my dumb bro and sis to MOVE HOME.

Back in the Fall of 2008, when this started, they were "1 year away" from coming back to the Northwest...... Yes, that was 4 YEARS AGO. I think them saying "I'm still a year away from being ready" is their go-to excuse, and will not be tolerated any longer.

So here is campaign video number one!

Not made by me, but actually pretty impressive.

Be forewarned though, definitely watch with the sound OFF unless you want to hear the worst theme song ever written.

Enjoy! We are excited for you guys to come home! :D


Laurie said...

I bet Bruce Innes wrote that :-)

I am SO on board with the 2012 campaign!

Cara said...

i, of course, had to listen to the theme song. and you were right, it was horrible!

susna said...

they have procrastinated LONG ENOUGH!