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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Palm Springs mega post!

After a super rough week last week, with Grandma Gay's passing and funeral, a vacation was in store!

Bethany turned the Big 3-0 on Monday, and decided she wanted to do it in Palm Springs!
I was all for it, as Vegas seemed a bit played out. And it is cooooold in Spokane right now.

Well, it was a fabulous weekend.
I haven't laughed so hard or so much in ages. Just what the doctor ordered.
Here are just some of the many adventures we had, in possibly the cutest hotel EVER.

Michele, me, Scott and Bethany posing in our room (B and her hubby Brian stayed next door.)

Seriously? cutest hotel ever. Totally "Rat Pack-y"

Bethany is the QUEEN of doing super cute decorations for our birthdays. So Mish and I tried our hardest to return the favor! Not sure if we quite met her level, but it was still cute!

The view from my room! The hotel only had like 10 rooms, and come Sunday we pretty much had the run of the place!!! It was awesome! (Also, those cabanas at the back had flat screens and firepits - so football was on pretty much nonstop... And they were free - take that, Vegas.)

Last pic of my room, promise! :)

Me and Bethany at "Streetbar Named Desire" - we have an amazing story about how we thought this would be a classy piano bar, and instead ended up watching the "Mr Leather Palm Springs" contest with a bunch of giant, hairy, leather-sporting older gay gentlemen.

This pic is out of order... it was our last dinner. I obviously did NOT think I was in the frame. I look like a creeper.

Back at Streetbar. We are semi-faking happiness. Scott is trying to avoid getting his ass grabbed again behind us... And not succeeding. :)

Back in the safety/normalcy of the mexican restaurant!

2nd night dinner with Michele! Super yummy pizzas.

Love my girls!

The ONLY thing we did other than randomly go out to eat meals and drink? Lounge.
We lounged like professionals.
Shuffleboard? Check.

Scott got a little too into it...

Also, we looked up the rules to Shuffleboard. Cuz we are cool like that. :) Apparently the stick thingy is called a "tang" and the pucks are "biscuits"... Huh.

Pool shenanigans? Double check.

Complete with synchronized toe-points/drinking...

I attempted to buy some souvenirs. But the only store we went into sold shit like this.

The boys! Love them.

We ordered some Birthday Cupcakes to get delivered to the hotel... The birthday girl was so surprised! And those cupcakes were worth every calorie.

Last night birthday dinner! With probably worst waitress ever. She kept sneaking up behind me. And then I ordered linguine with clams (which was delish) and she literally asked me as she was preparing to grate parm on it "Do you mind if I get parmesan on your clams?" Um, I really didn't know how to answer that... I think I just said "uh, no... just do what you want." But then she veerrryyy carefully placed that cheese on ONLY the pasta and did not touch a single clam. I was proud of her?

The strange girl is Brian's brother Michael's girlfriend... they drove up from San Diego just to go to dinner!

Can't wait to go back when we are crotchety old bedazzled 60 year olds! So fun!


Laurie said...

1. I want to live at that hotel
2. Palm Springs looks like the PERFECT place for me. Rat Pack? Check. Old People (even if they are gay leather wearers)? Double Check. Lounging and Drinking? Triple Check.
3. You DO look like a creeper in that pic. Luv U anyways.
4. There are RULES for shuffleboard? Who Knew
5. Glad you gals (and guys) had such a grand time.

Lis said...

I too love the white and orange. And your awesome waitress. And I am already tired of the cold. I'm so jealous you got to thaw out a bit!

Meg said...

Bananas. I wanna be in your crew.

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