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Monday, September 19, 2011

fun times

Pia and I had a pretty fun weekend!

Switchfoot at the Fair (where I had to be snuck into the beer garden because they "sold out" of those tickets... even though there were like 20 empty seats).
me, Pia and Krista

The sneaking-in was especially difficult because I had been wearing THIS:
That's right folks. I had to buy a tie-dye sweatshirt at the Fair.
Stupidly, I thought I'd be warm even though it has been dropping down to like 50 degrees the second the sun goes down.
So I was freezing.
But I got a hell of a deal, seeing as the hoodie was in the "reject" pile. Kinda like me whenever I wear it.

Event 2: Zac Brown Band at the Gorge!!!!!!!!
Like want to steal him from his current family, and have his little beanie-wearing, beardy babies.
Is that weird?

We were supposed to have a big group of girls from work, but a couple had to bail last-minute, so it ended up being just 4 of us. And we had a ball.

Pia, me, Emily and Annette waiting for ZackyPooh to come onstage

Seriously? Love this guy.
As I told Pia... If I can't marry Zac, I would happily accept a perfect doppelganger - but he must wear beanies, have a beard, sing country music to me/play the guitar, and preferably be from Georgia (although NC/SC/Alabama would all be considered).
Don't worry, it'll happen.


Laurie said...

And he must cook! then he's perfect SIL material.

and that sweatshirt had better be my xmas gift.

Katie said...

nah, he doesn't have to cook - just be willing to put away all laundry. And unload the dishwasher.

Laurie said...

hey you have ME for the laundry/dish duty. We need a cook (lol I typed "cock" by mistake. Freudian slip)

Meg said...

Seriously, your new thing should be tie dye sweatshirt at every concert.