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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Try-a-site Tuesday?

I shoulda done this on Wednesday, then it coulda been Website Wednesday. I'm willing to take naming help in the comments.

But here is your website suggestion o' the week.

I love Tumblr... it is the weirdest/greatest assortment of time-wasters i've ever seen! Some other great ones include Garfield minus Garfield (answers the burning question Is Jon Arbuckle schizophrenic?), STFU Parents (showcasing crazy-ass people all over the interwebs), The Story of Man (story of man told in headlines from around the world), and of course Dads are the Original Hipsters because every single one of those pictures reminds me of my dad circa 1973-1988.

Enjoy! Hope you don't get fired after wasting all that time! :)


Laurie said...

coffee one is totes true. How about "Tuesday Time-Wasters"? OK that was weak.

Sara Miller said...

agree re decaf springing from dirt. also, not so much a better name suggestion, but a help your friends not get fired (or overwhelmed) suggestion: two-site tuesday. Two must read sites every Tuesday. Side note...this also helps you from reaching the edge of the internet while searching for decent posts.

Katie said...

ah, but they ALL fell under the umbrella of being on Tumblr, so really it was just one site. ;)