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Sunday, May 8, 2011

LOVE her.

What can I even say about this lady?
She is my absolute favorite person on the planet.
She is always game for an adventure with me - driving cross-country? No prob. Driving to LA? Sure! We are the ultimate road-trip buddies. Never a fight or irritation. We do stupid things like find World's Biggest Cowboy Boots or get stuck in the middle of a buffalo herd without batting an eyelash.
She makes an excellent Grammy to Lucy Lou, even though I know all she really wants is a real grandbaby. Someday, Mom. I promise.
She is a wonderful nurse to her sick/broken children - even though she claims to have a 3-day limit, it's not really true. (Keep that on the down low though.) I never heard one peep of complaint from her when I was on crutches for 5+ weeks and needed someone to do pretty much everything for me.
She loves her kids. Loves us so so much. And we love her back just as much.

Here are some (totally random) pics - there is zero rhyme/reason to these, other than they were handy on my laptop. :)


(This one is basically my fave pic of all time. Such scrapnoodles.)


Laurie said...

tears in my eyes right now. Love you guys like you cannot believe, what would I do without you all (be homeless, be sad, have no fun). Those pix are AWFUL, except the scrapnoodles. That is my fave pic of all times.

Laurie said...

PS, our "detour" into the Black Hills of South Dakota, getting caught in the buffalo herd, and finding the MAMMOTHS MUSEUM/Fossil Site was the BEST thing ever!

Katie said...

Totally. even though i was SO mad about how far off i-90 that hotel ended up being! :)

Cara said...

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!


Meg said...

I love her too. A whole, whole, whole lot!