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Saturday, April 10, 2010

stolen ideas for blog posts...

I stole the idea to post some music i'm listening to right this second... from this gal who has maybe my fave blog to stalk. meg has the cutest friends (no shocker there of course)!

so here is what i'm listening to right now. per usual, it is incredibly random with little-to-no unifying theme other than it makes me happy (even the sad stuff) or makes me wanna shake my booty!

since it's april 10th, here are my top 10 songs of the day:

'paperweight' ~ josh radin & schuyler fisk

'great dj' ~ the ting tings

'blah blah blah' ~ kesha w/3oh!3

'foundations' ~ kate nash

'in your eyes' (cover) ~ sarah bareilles

'hey soul sister' ~ train

'the chain' ~ ingrid michaelson

'american honey' ~ lady antebellum

'waiting on an angel' ~ ben harper

'imma be' ~ black eyed peas

if you haven't heard it, check it out! and if you have and agree, tell me! ;)


Laurie said...

I'm sure these are super-cool, as I have heard NONE of them...

Cara said...

any list which includes sara b., ingrid michaelson, josh radin and kate nash is tops in my book.

Lis said...

Soul Sister...Mad's favorite. She thinks it's about Allie.

Katie said...

oh that's too cute... and it could be about Allie, you never know ;)