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Thursday, October 22, 2009

San Diego zoo pics

As further proof that I am terrible at documenting events, here are the only pictures I took of my 6 days in San Diego...

Sara and I decided to go to the Zoo! It was a fun, sunny day, perfect for wandering around.

Here is the only pic of the 2 of us... I am horribly squinty-eyed here and look awful. But Skoky looks adorable! :)

The lions were sleeping. Not sure why i took this pic, since all i can see is his balls. oh well.

baby giraffes. cuteness.

we seriously stood at the elephant exhibit for about 20 minutes, cuz right when we got there they started giving baths and it was adorable.

my fave animal of the day! the panda's apparently spend about 18 hours/day sleeping, and they do it in the trees! freaking precious, i loved this guy. the zoo actually has a new baby panda, but he won't be out on display until December. boo. don't they know we pay good money to see these animals?

flamingos. kinda creep me out, actually.

turtles. obviously. i don't know why i uploaded this terrible picture to post, but i'm too lazy to erase it. enjoy.


Laurie said...

lion balls are really rather nasty. But the panda=presh. And I agree on the flamingos but they are a pretty color and my Allie loves his flamingo so what can ya do. Looks like you and Skokie had fun and you know I HEART the zoo, any zoo.

Lis said...

I think the lion balls shot is the best.

Pia said...

I agree with Lis. That's a money shot for sure.

Sara Miller said...

ewww to the money shot lion balls everything.

LOVE those effing pandas. We both look old in that picture. Dammit. Next trip we are going to a spa. Clearly that's what we needed.

Miss you Chiquita.

PS Skokie must end. Time to get creative with a new nickname, that I'm sure I'll hate even more... Come on! Your family is great at this game!!

Katie said...

oh please, Skokie will NEVER die. you know this. but we may come up with some alternatives to throw in every once in a while. we'll see.