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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super-sized Get 'Em Home!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

In honor of 2 of my most favorite people, I am stealing my mother's idea, and presenting you with a super-sized edition of the Get 'Em Home campaign... So without further ado, 25 (more) reasons why Cara and Tony should move their asses back!

1. You could see the likes of Blondie and Regis Philbin at Quest in the next couple of months... not to mention the cheap gambling so close to home of course.

2. There are no biting fish (that I'm aware of, and belive me I would know) in Lake Coeur d'Alene or Hayden. This is as opposed to effing Lake Anna.

3. Spokane doesn't have a dog park (yet), but this means no mean townies trying to kick our dogs out for sneaking in.

4. you could watch Zags games BEFORE midnight, thus getting to bed at a normal hour and not being tired at work the next day. Cuz East Coast Time is stupid.

5. You could also watch the Zags live more than once every few years. Because the last time we went to a game to see them at UVA, it was quite possibly the worst game ever played. And that memory should be erased.

6. If you lived with me, I'd make you dinner pretty frequently. And unlike Seeph and Gummy, i know how to cook more than steak and noodles.

7. i miss the snarky comments on anything and everything.

8. We have CarQuest stores here, too, you know. And i'm sure any one of them would hire you idiots in a heartbeat.

9. red vines. oh boy oberto. zips. the PI. etc etc.

10. cigarettes are a lot more expensive here, which would maybe entice you to actually quit smoking.

11. we have Hoopfest and Bloomsday and Art on the Green. Fredericksburg has nothing.

12. i don't actually know if #11 is true.

13. because who knows how long all our grandparents will be around, and you guys haven't seen any of them in years.

14. you are missing Hadley, Maddie, Tate, Logan, Liam, Alex, Riveria and Mikey grow up. It is happening so fast.

15. all of your friends are here, and if you were too maybe you'd actually see them once in a while.

16. hawaii is so much better than the bahamas, and so much closer to the west coast

17. because our 4 seasons are normal, and it doesn't go from 80 to -10 degrees in the span of a week here

18. your mother misses you so much (note the heavy guilt-card being played here)

19. because you are 31 and 26 years old and still living with your father... if you were here, you could live with me for free and it wouldn't be quite so sad ;)

20. because in all the time they've been married, Seeph and Gummy have never gotten to live alone, which doesn't seem very fair

21. i want my dogs back. you two work way too many hours to properly enjoy them.

22. i miss spending holidays with ALL of my family, it is so not the same when you aren't around.

23. maybe the Mariners will get good again if you come home? the timing seems to correspond to when you left... sort of.

24. #23 may be wishful thinking, but you never know.

25. i'm afraid if you don't come home soon, you never will. and that kills me.


Laurie said...

YES. KEEP THE EFFING PRESSURE ON. Guilt, and whatever else it takes. Leave your dad and P. Gumm Alone!!!!! Come Home!

Laurie said...

wait! you SAW my new blog posts but made no comments???? now I'm mad.

Cara said...

25 made me really sad=(
i will come home, i'm just not ready yet!

Katie said...

25 is the truest reason i have. it scares me that you guys have already been there almost 4 years!!! and comment is forthcoming, mother.

Meg said...

Good ones KateO good ones. But I'm starting to lose hope too. And love that your mom totally called you out for no comments:).