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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

for you non-facebookers out there...

The '25 Things' list is all the rage right now. Seriously all the cool kids are doing it. And I have nothing better to blog about. Here is mine.

1) I absolutely love my job. I am an Oncology Nurse and totally adore working with cancer patients in any way. I love the hospital side, because patients come in being incredibly sick and most of the time I get to make them feel better and send them home... and sometimes they die but if I can make that sad part of life into a positive/comfortable experience then that is very fulfilling as well. Currently I am working in a clinic, where I give chemotherapy all day - and I enjoy this part of things as well, because people come in very nervous and scared but we get to help them fight the crappy disease they have. Plus I hate being bored at work, and most of the time my job lets me use my brain and employ a lot of critical thinking.

2) My best friends in the world are my siblings - my two older sisters Pia and Cara and my younger brother Tony. I never laugh more than when we are all together.

3) I absolutely hate that Cara and Tony live all the way across the country with no plans of coming home any time soon. I miss seeing them every day and hearing their crazy stories. We don't get to see eachother nearly enough.

4) I have 2 dogs, Wally and Lola, that I got with my bro/sis back when we lived together. They are the effing cutest and craziest dogs ever and I miss them more than I miss my siblings (they also live in VA). In fact, for Christmas Cara sent me ornaments she'd made with the dogs' paw prints on them, and it was hands down the best present I got this year.

5) The past 2 summers I have gotten to work at Camp Cross on Lake Coeur d'Alene, and it was the most fun and also the most draining thing I've ever done. This is definitely my favorite place to be on the face of the earth. I think if I was a millionaire, I would just work at Camp for free for the rest of my life. :)

6) I once laughed until lemonade came out my nose. Not pleasant. That was in 6th grade on a class trip to Silverwood.

7) I have lived in 4 states (Washington, Idaho, California and Virginia) - WA is by far my favorite.

8) I went to 4 different colleges. I do not recommend this. Pick one and stick with it.

9) My favorite candy is Red Vines. Sadly, Red Vines are difficult to find on the east coast, people there prefer Twizzlers for reasons I will never, ever understand.

10) My family loves to come up with nicknames for absolutely everyone and everything. I can think of at least 8 just for myself that I answer to.

11) If my family gives you a nickname, you are in.

12) My biggest fear in this world is sea creatures. They horrify and terrify me. I am not afraid of being eaten, it is more that I think they are disgusting and am incredibly afraid that one might swim up next to me and touch me. Also they are enormous and I don't like that either.

13) I have driven cross-country twice.

14) On my last trip, when my mom and I were in South Dakota, our car was surrounded by a herd of buffalo in the middle of nowhere in the dark. It was intimidating but pretty awesome too.

15) I love to play blackjack.

16) I went to horse camp once. It was awesome. Not sure why I never went back.

17) I hate talking on the phone.

18) The only reason I even like my cell phone is because I can get on the internet with it.

19) I moved back the the northwest because I wanted to experience 4 seasons again... Now it is barely February and I am so sick of winter and dirty snow, and am wondering why I'm not living somewhere warm.

20) I absolutely love playing and watching sports. My favorite to play are tennis, golf, volleyball and soccer. My favorite to watch are college basketball and the Olympics.

21) I know how to knit, but am a terrible project finisher. I get bored easily, mainly because I choose projects that are tedious and too easy. I have only finished a couple of hats, a scarf and a Christmas stocking. Yarn is expensive, so this is really stupid of me.

22) I love to read. Love it.

23) I think I lived with my 83 year old grandmother for too long, because I have to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune every night.

24) My absolute all-time favorite show ever is "The Office." I never ever miss it, and have watched each episode at least 3 times if not more.

25) Ricky Gervais may be the funniest person alive. If you have never listened to his podcasts, you should - it is one of life's great joys.


Laurie said...

Horse camp is still there we can send you

Cara said...

if you have to watch oprah everyday then you know you lived with mimi too long=)

Lis said...

OK, so i'm not in yes ;-( darn. I love red vines too...i always eat way too many and make myself sick.

Lis said...

YET darn.

Katie said...

mom- don't make empty promises... ;)

and i hear ya on the Oprah, but it's really "Millionaire" that means you've lived with Lois too long!