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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy happy!

My little baby bro turns 26 today! I can't believe it. Tony (or, if you prefer, Pooh Bear, Holmes, Tonsy, Holmsy Pooh, Fred, etc) is a pretty awesome guy. Even if he did move across the country and has a "5 year plan" to fulfill before he'll consider coming home. I am so proud of you Pooh - you are becoming quite the little businessman, fixing broken CarQuest stores like nobody's business and impressing everyone you work with by showing them what you can do! In just 2 short years you've run 2 different stores and done regional sales across VA and Maryland, pretty impressive - you'll be the District Manager before you know it!
But on top of all that you are hilarious, kind (usually), love our crazy ass dogs, occasionally call your sister or mother when you are bored and stuck in DC traffic, kick butt at Guitar Hero (from what I hear), always claim you will quit smoking soon (we'll see...), and know that home is back here in Washington even if you can't come back quite yet. Love you brother!


Laurie said...

wait, you mean the "I'm quitting smoking tomorrow" I just heard from him was a LIE???? I'm crushed. But still proud of our Boodles, Snitzy, Teen Tone.