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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 6 - Come on, already!

For week 6, I present:

Things You Could Have Been Doing, But Instead Have Missed Out On Whilst Living In Virginia:

#1: Skiing at Mt Spokane... Which I plan to do plenty of this winter. Remember, the highest mountain peak in VA is Mt Rogers at a paltry 5700 feet, while Mt Rainier stands an impressive 14,410 feet.

#2: Catching up with friends (aka just having friends within a 500-mile radius) - Pictured below are Lizzy and Buffy catching up with Pia at the SG Hall of Fame dinner, which you missed.

#3: Water sports! As you are aware, Virginia lakes contain creep fish that nibble on you while you are trying to take an innocent dip, while Washington lakes have no such thing - and if anyone would know, it's me! ;)

#4: Hanging out with Mimi. 'Nuff said.

#5: Fun things like watching Sexy Becks play with Real Madrid

#6: A combo: Mariners games (even though they were SO wretched this year, the games are usually still fun) and watching the babies growing up WAY too fast!


Laurie said...

AWESOME, we must be wearing them down, or they are fools. BTW don't forget about the EELS in Lake Sammamish (but that's on the west side of the state so I don't think it counts).

Cara said...

i was thiking of the eels earlier, but i dont think they count. i do love the bring the home campaign. they always bring a smile to my face.

Pia said...

Yes, but the eels are only in Jaime's bay, so if you avoid that, you should be golden!

Meg said...

NICE ONE! If the Buffster and Hall O Famer SG night can't get her home, noone can. And maybe the eels only bite Christians? So it that regard, you're safe!

susna said...

Meg - it might NOT be Christians - it MIGHT be republicans . . . either way, they are safe

Laurie said...

def. only bite born again Repubs.

Lis said...

Katie, That 4th pic down should maybe say, "missing out on hanging out with "the girls"" Just kidding :-)