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Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Weeks Already?!! Just Come Home!

To further entice and/or educate you, Cara and Tony, here are some interesting facts about Spokane so you can remember why it is so great to live here!

  • It's the sunny side of the state
  • Spokane means "Children of the Sun" in the local native language
  • Founded in 1872 as Spokan Falls
  • Hosted the 1974 World's Fair
  • Created "Bloomsday," the largest timed running race in the nation
  • Hosts "Hoopfest," the planet's largest three-on-three basketball tournament
  • Features the "Hot Zone," free outdoor wireless internet in a 100 block downtown area
  • Childhood home of Bing Crosby
  • Started Father's Day (WHO KNEW?!)
  • Home to four universities


Laurie said...

what she said, you two. YOU KNOW Spokompton is the best! Even the Arthur Court Apts. are going upscale now!

Sara said...

Ok now kids, let's not be ridiculous....

Spookaloo doesn't offer that much. However, I challenge those two to come up with a SINGLE reason why either should stay on the snotty side of the states!

Though your campaign may be somewhat weak....I've yet to see ANY opposition or counter-campaign!!

I vote head west -- even if not the Kane, west for the love of God!

Katie said...

exactly Sara... there is NO good reason why they aren't coming back, other than laziness i suppose...