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Saturday, March 22, 2008

home sweet home

So I've been back in Spokane since early Thursday morning, and it has been a great visit so far! I got home in time to watch the Cougs kick some ass on Thurs, which was great... I've been watching as much basketball as I can stand (which is quite a bit!) and loving it!

This scene to the left is what we woke up to Friday morning - lots and lots of big fat snowflakes! Maybe 2" before all was said and done, but next thing I knew it was about 1pm and all of the snow started melting. Thank goodness, that is definitely the hard part about visiting from LA, in my mind it is already spring and I left 75 degree weather - so was only marginally prepared for the COLD! But, I am glad to be here - I've gotten to spend lots of time sitting around with mom, hanging out a little with Pia (not much, as usual, since she is constantly on the go - by far the busiest person I know), and catching up with friends (mainly of the Camp Staff variety)! Got to meet up with Michelle, Jeff, Colin, Rach and Bryan at the Park Inn (holla!) for dinner last night, and then some of us went out for some more beers after... good times. I think we are meeting for coffee this afternoon, and then hopefully hanging out with the other Spokane staffers for dinner tonight! Funny how I never got sick of these people, after spending night and day with them for 3 months straight (including 99% of our time off)! But they are fun people and they make me laugh.

I think I see now why Cara hasn't been home much since she moved - even though I've only been in LA for 2 1/2 months I've been getting pretty homesick, and coming back here just makes me want to stay! I LOVE Spokane and will end up settled here I'm pretty sure, so I know I'll be back soon, but it's hard to go back to a city that isn't as comfortable. I do like LA quite a lot (much more than I thought I would actually) so I'll enjoy however much time I have left, but think my next assignment - whether that is back at Camp or as a nurse - will be back in the Northwest. I miss the trees and the lakes and the clean air and the short drives and the friendliness of the people and the friends and the family! And, maybe if I can resettle for a while, I can bring the dogs over? Anyways, enough rambling... Just saying that I'm enjoying th ebrief respite from the hubbub of Hell-Ay! :)


Pia said...

Even though you left me out of your PI list. I am still glad that you are home with us! Monday is coming much too soon if you ask me. :)

Laurie said...

STAY STAY STAY STAY. ANd that's all I have to say about that.

zaideafraidey said...

Katie that is some insightful reflection. We would love you back in the NW too.